It doesn’t matter how great your e-newsletter or email ad is if it never makes it to its destination.  People have to actually read it! … More

Is your company considering a database driven direct marketing campaign, either through the Internet or the mail?  I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about this… More

Too often, ad concepts get evaluated on gut instinct – especially when you’re sending them around for approvals from other managers.  Rather than letting the project… More

What do people want to know?  That’s one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when developing e-newsletters.  Maybe more to the heart of the… More

If you want to create ad copy that sells, start thinking about emotions.  I know, I know – I’ve said before than an engineer can smell… More

Answer this question about your company, “Why should I buy from you?” “Why should I buy from you” is what your customers and prospects ask themselves… More

I’m not an engineer, but for many years I’ve been developing communications designed to sell products and services to engineers. Here are some things I’ve learned… More

Marketing budgets are shrinking.  In some cases, they’ve been slashed to almost nothing.  This is the exact opposite of what SHOULD be happening during tough economic… More

Today every company’s website is almost as important (if not equally important) to their brick and mortar place of business.  Just like actual businesses, websites should… More

“Branding” is one of those marketing buzz words, but a lot of industrial companies fail to recognize how it relates to them.  Yes, even in the… More

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