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Believe it or not, there are still some business owners who are unsure of the value of a digital marketing campaign. Despite the steep decline in… More

If your B2B company’s content is the message, social media marketing is the vehicle that drives that message home. The key is knowing what kind of… More

Communication. It’s the cornerstone of all great relationships: marriage, friendships, business partnerships, and – you guessed it – customer relations. Fortunately, communication with your customers, potential… More

Your company already has a tried and true marketing plan. Ads in industrial magazines, direct mail, attendance at a few key trade shows, a company brochure…. More

Bright. Shiny. New. Kind of addictive, right? And if you’re in the marketing game — heck, even if you just own a TV — you know… More

In business, what type of person is an “eagle?” Eagles are visionaries, risk takers, and innovators. They are self-motivated and take on a sense of ownership… More

EVERY company has a differentiator. Take 3 brands of high performance, industrial lubricants.  Let’s assume that each company basically does the same thing.  However, a potential… More

The essence of good marketing is first, making target customers aware of a product or service; second,  persuading them that it will meet their needs or… More

The term “brand” originated from the practice of using a scorching iron to “brand” a unique symbol into the hides of livestock so ownership could be… More

An interior designer friend of mine complained to me several years ago that HGTV was giving the public a false impression of how easy and inexpensive… More

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