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  We may be living in a Web 2.0 world, but you’d never guess that looking at the vast majority of websites for manufacturers and other… More

So what’s the deal with the bar codes showing up on ads, billboards, mailers, brochures, and just about any other printed marketing piece these days?  Have… More

More and more, the conversations I have with industrial and manufacturing companies about social media don’t start with questions like “What can Twitter do for my… More

  What we can learn from Criterion Machine Works Criterion Machine Works is a small manufacturing company in Costa Mesa, CA. They’ve been in business for… More

  What we can learn from Kennametal Founded in 1938, Kennametal manufactures a broad range of advanced materials and components that deliver superior wear resistance and… More

  Most industrial companies today have websites (although believe it or not, I’ve met a few that don’t.)  When I hear that, my eyes generally pop… More

  How to Launch a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Just like any other marketing initiative, a successful email marketing campaign requires careful planning, implementation, and evaluation… More

  Start your exploration of social media techniques closest to home:  on your own website.  Try to think of your website as your social media hub. … More

  Change is never easy for us humans.  We’re comfortable with what we know we know – even if what we know we know is that… More

Marketing budgets are shrinking.  In some cases, they’ve been slashed to almost nothing.  This is the exact opposite of what SHOULD be happening during tough economic… More

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