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  As an industrial marketer, I find it much more intriguing to discuss the opportunities that exist for manufacturers in the world of social media or… More

  Taglines are rarely discussed, seldom analyzed and hardly ever researched. In fact, they’re woefully missing across the industrial landscape. When I work with a newer… More

  Change is never easy for us humans.  We’re comfortable with what we know we know – even if what we know we know is that… More

There’s a shift going on in the world of marketing communications.  If you’re responsible for marketing in a manufacturing or industrial service company, you’re probably more… More

One of my Twitter followers asked me a question today: “What’s the difference between industrial marketing communications and regular BtoB marketing communications?”  In the Twitterverse my… More

I’m not an engineer, but for many years I’ve been developing communications designed to sell products and services to engineers. Here are some things I’ve learned… More

Marketing budgets are shrinking.  In some cases, they’ve been slashed to almost nothing.  This is the exact opposite of what SHOULD be happening during tough economic… More

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