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With an abundance of analytical data available to marketers today, having data to guide marketing planning and strategy has become the norm; but there is far… More

According to Pingler, it is estimated that businesses around the world will spend a whopping $150 billion on marketing in 2015. With most businesses spending on… More

You Can’t Please Everyone…Or Maybe You Can Convincing different members of an organization that your product or service is better than your competitors’ can be daunting…. More

Numbers … they condense our world into the organized and understandable with a simple equation. In marketing, we rely heavily on numbers to tell us if… More

We’ve recently discussed the importance of branding and have gone into detail on what you need to know before you develop a branding strategy. But for… More

Bright. Shiny. New. Kind of addictive, right? And if you’re in the marketing game — heck, even if you just own a TV — you know… More

In business, what type of person is an “eagle?” Eagles are visionaries, risk takers, and innovators. They are self-motivated and take on a sense of ownership… More

The term “brand” originated from the practice of using a scorching iron to “brand” a unique symbol into the hides of livestock so ownership could be… More

Early in my career, I thought of myself as a “marketing person.”  Over time and through experience I came to realize that great marketers must also… More

  Many industrial companies make half-hearted efforts in the area of public relations, then wonder why they don’t have more success.  The truth is, when your… More

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