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  A value or selling proposition, simply put, is a statement of several sentences that clearly states what your company offers its customers and how you… More

  You would be amazed at how many well established industrial companies have never gone through the process of defining their value proposition or developing a… More

  Most industrial companies today have websites (although believe it or not, I’ve met a few that don’t.)  When I hear that, my eyes generally pop… More

  The Internet has and continues to affect just about every facet of business communications.  Although the industrial sector is behind in terms of embracing all… More

  Taglines are rarely discussed, seldom analyzed and hardly ever researched. In fact, they’re woefully missing across the industrial landscape. When I work with a newer… More

  Change is never easy for us humans.  We’re comfortable with what we know we know – even if what we know we know is that… More

Slow and Steady Does It! Before I founded Marketects, I worked for large corporations.  I was directing the marketing communications activities, but sometimes had to sell… More

If you don’t have a plan to tell you where you’re going – how will you know when you get there?  This has been one of… More

“Branding” is one of those marketing buzz words, but a lot of industrial companies fail to recognize how it relates to them.  Yes, even in the… More

This isn’t technically a post about marketing – but it is about communication, and the way that the Internet is impacting HOW we communicate. If you… More

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