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Posted on Jan 4, 2013 by Kerry O'Malley

As copywriters, we’re asked so often if we “do SEO” that we wrote “SEO vs Copywriting: A Primer” in response. The short answer is…yes and no. Everything we do as marketing writers is part of your SEO toolbox. If our clients work with an SEO/SEM company, like our partner DesignBigger for their search engine optimization and search engine marketing, we can leverage all the research that they’ve done to create meaningful content that gets results.

SEO-friendly Content Begins with Research

Developing good, relevant content starts with research. We need to learn about your company, its marketing goals and brand. We need to understand how you perceive your industry, your competitors, and your audience. We start reading through your existing marketing materials and site, if they exist. During the research process, we start developing an idea of the keywords and keyword phrases that are important to your company as a business, in your industry. While we’re learning about you, we are also learning about your customers who might be looking for a company offering products and services like yours.

Your SEO/SEM partner is doing the something similar but they’re coming at it from a different angle, for a different purpose. The goal for your SEO/SEM vendor is to get your site better search engine rankings – and if they’re any good, that’s through careful assessment of what’s on-page, off-page and in the back-end. The goal for us writers is to communicate the right message to the right audience in the right place.

Getting Users to the Information They Need

Great writers and great SEO companies can accomplish great things when they are allowed to work together to do the things they do best. Writers can use the research done by your SEO/SEM company to write even more tightly focused content on any given page on your site, use that knowledge to best effect on social media, and can work with you to create the content that drives better inbound links. Whether a user finds your site organically, via paid placement, or through another site, when the copywriter and SEO/SEM expert can work together, the quality of the user and the relevancy of the content on the page they land on increases.

It’s not enough to be great marketing writers anymore. In the age of digital marketing, it’s about understanding technology, delivery systems, their strengths and their limitations as well. We have to strike a balance between the art of copywriting and the craft of content development. We keep keyword density and placement in mind when writing. We use keywords and keyword phrases in page titles, headers, sub-headers and the first 150 characters of the intro paragraph. We make sure that all of the text makes sense, supports the brand, and communicates an actionable message. In addition, we work internal linking into the content to guide both the user and search engine spiders down logical paths through the wealth of information on your site.

Providing Complementary Services for Better Results

Your SEO/SEM company and your copywriting agency provide complementary services that, especially when combined with insight into your upcoming marketing and promotional efforts, can lead to better results when properly and continuously executed. An integrated approach to and execution of your inbound marketing strategy results in an increase in better qualified leads and conversions.

Looking for Better Results?

Join us at IMRevo, a free, half-day seminar in Houston, TX on January 31, 2013 hosted by EagleBurgmann. JoAnn Takasaki, founder of Houston-based copywriting agency GlobalWrites will be talking about content development as a component of your Inbound Industrial Marketing Strategy. IMRevo is sponsored by Marketects, Inc. and co-sponsored by Empowering Pumps, Marketing Refresh, DesignBigger, and Aleberry Creative Group.

Author: Kerry O'Malley

Marketects was founded in 1999 by Kerry O’Malley, a proven marketing communications professional in international, manufacturing companies. Working on the “other side of the desk,” she hired ad agencies to manage her employers’ advertising and P/R programs. Frustrated over the lack of attention and level of enthusiasm she was looking for in the marketing agencies she worked with, Kerry realized that there was a definite need for a full-service marketing firm that specialized in working with industrial companies. She resolved that her clients would always receive the highest level of service possible and never feel like the last kid chosen for the team.

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