Email Marketing


Email Marketing Services

  • Develop direct marketing strategy
  • Manage “drip” marketing or lead nurturing campaigns
  • List procurement / management
  • Design / layout / copywriting
  • Management of distribution
  • Call tracking / monitoring
  • Creation of campaign specific landing pages
  • Integration with SM pages & Google Analytics
  • Metrics analysis and reporting

Is your company considering a database driven direct marketing campaign?  If implemented properly, direct marketing can be one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience.

Some of the benefits of database driven marketing:


It’s cost effective:

You are concentrating only on current customers and best prospects.  It’s a targeted, rather than shot gun approach.

It can increase customer loyalty:

It increases customer loyalty: It’s important for companies who sell through dealers or manufacturers’ reps to build good relationships with end-users of their products in addition to the relationships established between the dealers and end-users.

It’s measurable:

Phone call and email tracking software make it possible to not only measure the number of responses to a specific campaign, but to also listen to the phone conversations that are recorded.

You can afford to experiment with it:

Different types of offers and communication styles can be tested to see which are the most effective.  What you learn from one test can be used to improve on the next effort.

Emails can be personalized:

Database driven emails can be personalized in such a way that they speak directly to the needs and interests of each person.  This increases the appeal and effectiveness of the communication.

Emails can be customized:

Offers or promotions can be directed at certain groups of prospects or industries without having to make the same pitch to everyone.

If you want to speak directly to your customers and prospects and have them take action, contact Marketects to manage your direct marketing campaigns.