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bloggingIndustrial Blogging Services

  • Complete blog management
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  • Integration of blog posts with social media pages
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The number one reason people do searches on the Internet for business is to obtain information. They are looking for vendors to work with, emerging trends and technologies, products they need to purchase, ways to do their jobs better, solutions to problems, and more.

Some people have problems and yours may be one of the few companies that can provide a solution. Can they find you? And if they do, will the content of your website convince them that you ARE the solution?

Every company that has a website needs a blog.  Here are some reasons industrial companies should be blogging:

  • A blog can become the central point for all of your other social media efforts.  Blog posts can be broken up into many different short posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your other social pages.  When people see your short posts and are interested, they can circle back to your blog or website and go deeper.
  • A well written blog that contains relevant content related to your company’s expertise builds your company’s credibility and reputation as a reliable authority.
  • Blogging is a way to brand your company that is less “in your face” than more traditional forms of marketing.  You’re actually educating your industry and providing value at the same time you’re promoting your expertise.
  • Blogs allow you to push content across the Internet. It offers more opportunities to amplify your message than you would have with a website alone.
  • Along with ongoing SEO work, nothing helps place you higher in organic search engine results than a blog with regularly updated content.
  • If you’re submitting your blog posts to article websites and using them as teasers on social media sites, you’ll increase the traffic to your website because more people will be linking back to it. This improves your site’s SEO.

Industrial companies give “lack of time and resources” as the number one reason they do not blog. Let Markets add a blog to your website, manage your editorial calendar, and do the writing so that your blog posts are contributing to your website’s SEO and converting visitors into customers.