Industrial Social Media

social media management for industrial companiesIndustrial Social Media Services

  • SM marketing strategies
  • Set-up of SM accounts
  • Design SM pages
  • Integrate SM pages with your website
  • Create SM post calendar
  • SM posting, as often as you require
  • SM monitoring
  • Development of corporate SM policies
  • Internal SM consulting and training

According to an Intel survey, 85% of U.S. adults share information online, and one third of U.S. adults are more COMFORTABLE using online communication than talking in person. Do you still have a hard time believing social media marketing is for your industrial business?

Here are some of the reasons you should add social media marketing to your online marketing strategy:

Social media naturally creates more traffic to your website: primary and secondary.

Primary traffic is visitors to your website who come directly from your social media pages. Secondary traffic is referral traffic from people who share your posts.

Social media marketing will eventually raise your search engine ranking.

Google ranks sites with active social media pages higher than sites without.

Social media generates business opportunities as you form a network.

Social networking connects you with a vast number of online users and can generate leads of all kinds for most businesses.

Social media can improve the image and increase the credibility of your company.

By sharing content that is relative and has true value to your networks, your company will build credibility in its field, and increase its trustworthiness.

Social media is the new ‘cold call’ and accelerates the sales cycle.

If you are truly engaging with potential customers in your social media network, you’ve already become someone they “know.” Creating an online relationship becomes the conduit for a phone call and then face-to-face meeting.

Social media marketing is relatively low cost with the potential for high returns.

Whether someone manages your SM internally or you hire a firm like Marketects, in six months you’ll spend less than the cost of one or two full page print ads in a trade journal.

Social media integrates well with other marketing initiatives.

Content marketing (blogs, video, white papers, video) naturally feeds your social media pages.  Developing content is hard work.  Why not use it in as many ways possible?

Social media use is not going away, in fact it is accelerating.

Your company needs to speak to the larger issues your end users care about–and you need to do it online, because that’s where they are.

The Marketects team has social media marketing specialists who can manage your company’s social media initiative.  Whether its purpose is strictly for the SEO benefits it brings, or you truly want to build an online following of customers and prospects, we can help.