Metrics Analysis & Reporting

metrics and analytics reporting Metrics Analysis & Reporting Services

All Marketects Inbound Marketing programs include the following:

  • Initial keyword analysis, including competitors
  • Monthly Google Analytics reporting, analysis, and explanation of metrics
  • Call tracking program that integrates into your existing phone numbers
  • Tracking of incoming calls and emails from SM pages; emails; landing pages, online ads, & other marketing pieces
  • Monthly assessment of results, changes to keyword strategy and other redirects, as needed

If all of your marketing activities have always been traditional tactics like print advertising, trade shows, mailers, etc. – the idea of being able to analyze metrics to determine results probably seems impossible. It’s not with an Inbound Marketing strategy.

The difference between a successful Inbound Marketing program and an unsuccessful program is selecting the right pieces of data to track. Once we start attracting people to your website with blogging, social media and SEO and converting those visitors into leads and customers, we need to figure out ways to make the process more efficient and to increase positive results.

Marketects has team members who are metrics analyst specialists. They will be part of your Inbound Marketing team, and will be constantly working to ensure you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely. Call Marketects today for a digital marketing plan that delivers measurable results.