Industrial Branding

brandingIndustrial Branding Services

  • Value proposition workshops
  • Brand strategy planning
  • Logo and corporate identity development
  • Brand style manuals
  • Internal branding campaigns
  • Development of communications pieces that support the brand strategy

To brand, or not to brand, isn’t the question. Every company has a name that IS their brand, even if they do nothing strategic at all. The question is: what do you want your company’s “brand” to stand for?  What image do you want in the mind of your customers and prospects when they think of your company?  You have the ability to influence that.  Every touch point between your company and its customers and prospects becomes input to your brand’s image.  Either you manage your brand as a strategic asset, or your customers will manage it at random.

The way you choose to manage your brand is your BRAND STRATEGY.

Before you can develop a brand strategy, you need a clear understanding of your company’s unique value proposition, or how you will position your company in a sea of competitors. If that isn’t clear to you, you’re not alone. Many industrial companies have never taken the time to assess their business from a strategic standpoint. After all, you’re successful, right? But how would you like to be MORE successful?

Marketects can lead you through a process of determining your value proposition, your brand strategy, and then create all the necessary communications and drive the initiatives to begin building the brand that will elevate your company to its rightful status. Call Marketects today if you’re ready to move your company to the next level as a recognizable and credible brand.