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In my last post, we covered situations in which an industrial company will probably not benefit from B2B social media marketing. So what does it look… More

Industrial companies are slowly, very slowly, coming around to the fact that they cannot continue to ignore social media as a marketing channel. There are many… More

In most B2B industrial companies that are trying to “do” inbound marketing, someone is tweeting away in one part of the building while engineers or other… More

Social media sites have made it possible for businesses to have dialogues with potential customers before there is ever a phone call or face to face… More

Industrial companies are becoming more open to the idea of Inbound Marketing, but often when we start talking about social media marketing (SMM) as a critical… More

Anyone who knows me knows I’m ALL about efficiency. Anything I can do to save time or streamline a process in my life merits consideration.  Sometimes… More

Have a Group Strategy   The first and most basic way to engage with others on LinkedIn is really pretty simple: join groups where your potential… More

When people tell me they don’t understand how LinkedIn can be used as a sales tool, my response is, “what have you been doing to engage?” … More

More and more individuals and businesses every day are recognizing the opportunities that LinkedIn presents because of its massive database of individuals and companies.  As a… More

  Many industrial and manufacturing companies don’t realize that they can create a “Company” LinkedIn page.  The LinkedIn Company database is growing by leaps and bounds,… More

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