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The essence of good marketing is first, making target customers aware of a product or service; second,  persuading them that it will meet their needs or… More

The term “brand” originated from the practice of using a scorching iron to “brand” a unique symbol into the hides of livestock so ownership could be… More

  When a visitor comes to an industrial website, they most likely already know something about your company.  They’ve probably done research and they’re looking for… More

What do you think is the key to a great industrial brand strategy?After many years of creating marketing communications that were intended to take an industrial… More

After you’ve analyzed your customers, your competitors, and your own company, you should have enough insight to craft a value proposition for your company.  The idea… More

  ESTABLISH GOALS for future growth – where do you want to be? After you’ve taken an honest assessment of your competitors and target customers –… More

  There should be 3 areas of discussion and discovery during your VP (Value Proposition) Development Workshop with the VP Team you’ve assembled.  As you finish… More

  A value or selling proposition, simply put, is a statement of several sentences that clearly states what your company offers its customers and how you… More

  You would be amazed at how many well established industrial companies have never gone through the process of defining their value proposition or developing a… More

  I recently gave a proposal to a well established industrial company that is considering a complete rebranding effort. Although hugely successful, their current logos (for… More

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