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As anyone who has worked with me knows, I like to keep things simple. I believe confusing tactics are used by marketing firms who don’t want… More

Believe it or not, there are still some business owners who are unsure of the value of a digital marketing campaign. Despite the steep decline in… More

If you’ve been following our Google Plus for Industrial Companies series, you’ve probably already left your newbie status behind and are ready to become a major… More

I write a lot about Inbound (Internet) Marketing … the need for a world class website, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.  Some… More

Content is king, not only on your website but when publishing to your social media channels, too.  That’s why knowing what to post on your industrial… More

Set up is complete, and now you’re free to hit the open Google+ road.  But how exactly should you (and your industrial company) navigate it? By… More

Just when you get one social media platform under your belt, along comes another one: Google+.  As easy as it is to feel overwhelmed and shout… More

Your company already has a tried and true marketing plan. Ads in industrial magazines, direct mail, attendance at a few key trade shows, a company brochure…. More

EVERY company has a differentiator. Take 3 brands of high performance, industrial lubricants.  Let’s assume that each company basically does the same thing.  However, a potential… More

The essence of good marketing is first, making target customers aware of a product or service; second,  persuading them that it will meet their needs or… More

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